About Morson Aviation

Morson Aircraft Engineering Services (MAES) is the latest offering of the Morson Group. Its development was led by a desire to bring together complimentary services within the aviation sector.

Our services include:

  • Aircraft maintenance working parties
  • EASA Part 145 Line Maintenance
  • Aircraft on the ground team
  • Maintenance resource provision
  • Engineering training

However, our uniqueness is not its individual services, but rather our ability to combine services and provide complete solutions to airlines. This enhances your organisational capability in conjunction with reducing costs through decreased internal management and supplier complexity. The combination of experience, professionalism and a vision for growth in the sector make Morson an ideal choice as a strategic partner for an airline looking to reshape an operation to minimise outsourcing complexity and cost.

We offer specialist structure engineers, fixed price and managed teams. Specialising on Airbus A320 (family), A330, Boeing 737, 757 and 767 aircraft and are actively working in partnership with a number of UK airline operators.
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