Lucy Cliff     

It was announced on Thursday that the Bloodhound supersonic car is making its return. Bloodhound is a UK-based project which aims to break the world land speed record using the most advanced straight-line race car ever built.

Ian Warhurst, an entrepreneur, purchased the Bloodhound, rescuing it from administration. From March 2019 the Bloodhound LSR project has a new headquarters in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, and a new parent company, Grafton LSR Limited. The Bloodhound team is now preparing the car for high speed tests and then to set a new world land speed record in South Africa.

The project is helping to push boundaries and demonstrate pioneering new technologies. Many of the aspects of the land speed record car have required engineers to think in new ways and manufacturers to develop novel production and testing methods. The research and development aspect of this project has included use of cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD), something which Morson Projects have carried out for the Aerospace & Defence industry.

This project showcases engineering at its very best, something which Morson Projects are very excited about!

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