Project overview

Morson Projects has been responsible for:

  • Software Development
  • Control, Electrical & Instrumental
  • SCADA & PLC Control Systems


This project involved the design installation and support of a SCADA/Control system for control and monitoring of electrical distribution system including refurbished breakers, and new 11kV Biomass Switchboards. The Dual SCADA servers, Operator Workstations and Engineer’s Workstations in the Materials Handling Control Room were there to allow centralised remote monitoring and control of the complete electrical distribution system.

The contract was completed by in-house teams except for the PLC hardware panel building and installation, which was subcontracted. Delivery was on time and within budget.

The Control System monitors and controls over 1000 individual I/O data points and utilised hot-standby PLCs and SCADA servers for dual-redundancy.

The systems operated within the industrial environment of a Power Station with the related safety concerns that this implies. As such, the software development followed IEC61131-3.

Equipment utilised was adequately protected in line with operation in this environment.