Project overview

Morson Projects has been responsible for:

  • Primary & Secondary Engineering
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Project & Programme Management


The Heysham Operation Tripping Scheme (OTS) identified the current and future need for additional generation sources to be incorporated into the Transmission System, in the North West 1 and North West 2 regions.

This OTS enabling project, carried out by Morson Projects and National Grid, integrated generation fields with the existing supplies and create and robust network. The intertrip automatically trips a breaker that removes a generator from the Transmission System when it receives a specific signal. The signal is delivered when a predetermined fault on a specific part of the transmission system occurs. The requirement for an intertrip is usually identified at the time of connection of a generator and is specified within the Bilateral Connection that is agreed between National Grid and the Generator for that connection.

Morson Projects responsibilities were to assist National Grid in the enabling works for the OTS, by carrying out site surveys to identify the feasibility of using current primary assets on thirty circuits across sixteen sites. Once these surveys have been carried out Morson Projects are to provide design intent documents and engineering design packages.

Morson Projects Installation & Commissioning department are supplying all build requirements along with the installation and commissioning required supported by their own TP144 site management and TP141 commissioning team. The new Heysham OTS scheme went into operation in October 2015.