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Client: Spirit Aerospace

Services Provided

Structural Design & Analysis

Systems Engineering & Integration

A350 Fixed Leading Edge (FLE)

Morson Projects has been responsible during A350-1000 C-MAT and DFM for the analysis and design of metallic and composite parts for the Mid and Outer Fixed Leading Edge , including complete programme management.

Morson Projects was also responsible for the complete Fixed Leading edge Residual Strength analysis to support A350-1000 First Flight, including UERF, Hail Strike and MLP.   Some of the items included within the design and analysis activities are as follows:

  • Flap Track Ribs
  • Intermediate Ribs
  • Hold Down Ribs
  • Closing Rib
  • Spreader Plates
  • Fixed System Brackets
  • FTI Provision
  • J-Nose composite Panels
  • Lower Removable Composite Panels
  • Buttstraps
  • De-Ice Region
  • System Raceway

A350-1000 C-Mat/DFM:

  • Close to 900 deliverables across stress and design

A350-1000 Residual Strength:

  • Morson Projects developed automated tools, which allowed to do phase 1 of the analysis (Exceedance Checks) in half of the time of initial forecast with the typical tools.

Design Deliverables:

  • Detailed Design using CATIA V5, R23 (CATIA format applicable to the A350 programme)
  • DFM Drawings
  • Frontier and Interface Drawings, PKCs ect
  • Full Utilization of PDMLink
  • Mass Reporting (BOM)

Stress Deliverables:

  • Stress Reports (C-Scheme & DFM)
  • Analysis using Excel, MathCAD, NASTRAN, PATRAN, ISAMI
  • Interface Loads Reports
  • Static Sizing Reports

Detailed Finite Element Models (DFEM)

Exceedance check reports (Residual Strength)

FLE IFEM models for MLP, UERF and HailStrike (Residual Strength)

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance

  • Analysis using ISAMI
  • Stress  Sort tools
  • F&DT Reports