Project Description

Materials Allowables Development

Project Details

Client: Bombardier

Services Provided

EASA Part 21J Design Services

Tooling Design & Manufacture

Structural Design & Analysis

Systems Engineering & Integration

Bombardier CS100 Wing to Body Fairing (WTBF) Allowables Derivation:

  • Morson Projects initiated for detailed design phase.
  • Laminate used un-tested (Cytec 985/HTA) without design allowables.
  • Morson Projects were tasked with developing material stiffnesses and design allowables for the laminates based on laminate single ply strength allowables and previously certified materials for the WTBF design space.
  • Failure Modes:
  • Lamina stiffness data
  • Lamina strength data (accounting for damage, to be used with the Tsai-Hill/Max stress criterion)
  • Inter-laminar shear strength
  • Open Hole tension and compression strength
  • Joints (Bearing and Pull Through strength)
  • Coupon Testing to cover Design Space

Bombardier CS100 Wing to Body Fairing (WTBF) Methods Development:

  • The design was still not fully defined and fluid. The requirement of tools to analyse large amounts of data that can be quickly modified for updated geometry and loads.
  • Tools developed with Excel using VBA to speed up process, automation and to reduce human error in analysis producing a right first time approach.
  • Tools developed from industry renowned methods for:
  • Lamina Strength (including damage)
  • Laminate Stability
  • Joint Strength (Bearing and Pull Through)
  • Sandwich Strength (Core Strength, Wrinkling, etc.)
  • Ramp Strength
  • Joggle Strength

Ramp Analysis:

  • The results from the test were as follows:

The results correlation was as follows:

The Hand Calculation to predict stresses:

The Tool Development for analysis was as follows:

A350-1000 Rear Spar Corners:

  • Some methods required detailed FEM representation to allow for accurate analysis.
  • Rear Spar corner unfolding requires detailed corner modelling to track loads from the Spar web to the caps.
  • Morson Projects involved in developing a level of detail within the FEMs in order to allow for an accurate analysis during B-Maturity.

CS-100 Coupon Testing:

  • Define testing methods required to validate calculated stiffness and design allowables for laminate.
  • Ensure the whole design space of the WTBF is covered
  • Define environmental conditions.

C-Series Wing Sub-Component Testing:

  • Development of Tension, Compression and Shear Panel tests.
  • Design of test panels
  • Hand Calculations to predict stresses
  • FEM representation of panel tests

C-Series Wing Sub-Component Testing:

  • Catia representation of test panel for tension
  • FEM representation of panel under loading

CS-100 WTBF Wheel Bins:

  • Ply failure analysis due to tyre puncture plumes.